DJ Lenny's favourite pastimes are:

  1. Cutting out people's veins
  2. Eating people's veins (freshly-removed)
  3. Stalking people
  4. Stalking children
  5. Watching children
  6. Murdering people
  7. Being creepy

    DJ Lenny on the hunt

DJ Lenny takes great joy in slowly removing the skin of the wrist, and then carefully sliding a rusted knife under pumping veins, before tearing them apart with a quick thrust of the knife. He then removes the skin at the top of each finger, and cuts the many veins there. He then pulls the veins out with a long, slender finger and stores it in a plastic bag. Then, for breakfast the next day, DJ Lenny pours the veins, blood and all, into a small bowl. He then proceeds to eat it as spaghetti.

Tumblr m2lbfsxHcM1rtxxano1 1280

DJ Lenny loves watching people from their windows

DJ Lenny also enjoys the company of young children. This may be why he originally chose the job of school DJ. Following children home is a great pleasure for Mr Lenny. He is also loves watching people from their windows, especially at night.

Creepy Tape Found in Croatia (disturbing)03:41

Creepy Tape Found in Croatia (disturbing)

Legitimate footage of DJ Lenny chasing down two teenagers at night.

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