DJ Lenny (2)

DJ Lenny's youtube channel (plz subscribbbbbbbbbbbbbb)

Welcome to the DJ Lenny Wiki! Everything you need to know about that creepy stalker just outside your window - DJ Lenny!

DJ Lenny's physical form

Dj lenny

Poster for a DJ hosted by none other than DJ Lenny himself

Remember that time when you heard that tapping at your window? And when you looked there was no-one there? Well, that was your friendly neighbour-hood stalker called DJ Lenny. On this website, you will find out the origins of DJ Lenny, his motives, appearance and many other things!
(Disclaimer: This is not real, it is just a joke (I hope...)! Any relations to people living or dead who go by the name "DJ Lenny" or "Derek Lenny" are purely coincidental, and any similarities to any people living or dead (and I'm hoping there are no people like DJ Lenny) are also purely coincidental.) Edit


Here are some quick info on DJ Lenny:

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